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د. عادل محمد عايش الأسطل

The Nakba in rehab

D. Adel Mohammed living the bucket
Despite the tragedies and not her bone, the Palestinian nakba in 48, which was founded by a Zionist. My world, at the expense of the blood and holy and sacred you The Palestinians, it wasn’t hard right away from their situation which followed, and that they do now, because of such tragedies and suffering, which has been carried out by the governments of Israel on the difference. It didn’t cut off, still ongoing, killings and displacement, ventilating and air conditioning, are watching the clock, and it’s going to be fine, and in no way a burden enough, when the Arabs and Palestinians b A special form.
It’s the worst, is that such tragedies and growing pains, rather than fuel the spirit of dignity and jealousy we have – Arabs and Palestinians -, It has seemed like an incentive to fear and dread, and fuel for further submission and humiliation, until I became the nakba, hello more, compared to what we have achieved till the meantime.
The decision to partition Palestine 1947, was rejected on a severe by the Arabs, where packed them up together, and that (the sword) alone, is the one who’ll only talk, and after twenty years, Following the defeat of 1967, look calm down right now, it has contributed to the impunity of Israel from the sharks live in the sea, stability of their opinion on three sheets, not just a fourth (no peace, no confession, no negotiation With Israel.
The War of 73, has shown, in the write those nos and scanning on the latest, and compliance with the peace, the strategic option, and then he turned the presidents and governors and leaders, within that framework, to Start by c hopes, towards the major powers and strength two super-Powers, in particular, and pressure on Israel, towards ending its occupation of Arab and Palestinian territories, and paid for the legitimate rights.
In Oslo 1993, Arabs and Palestinians, in particular, to the realization that, that it’s time to make a lasting and comprehensive peace to the image of the acts not words with Israel, because they keep growing stages of their lives. And did you ever stop, until I became acquire higher levels (economically and militarily), Surpassed them several and progress, even though the different races, and after all the wars fought by heading towards them.
It wasn’t on their feet, to recognize Israel as a just, but it was closer to her within their region, and even in the light. There was no change, on a hard-line stance and medicine for them or to The Palestinian cause, as they are wasting the opportunities for peace with their lives, despite of the setbacks and compromises, which amounted to much, which is no longer the thing is, they can withdraw or waived.
Why do things stand in this case, it escalated into what can be called a big collapse, which has no convincing solutions, as they have, that Israel had not been back is the enemy. But, rather, is a strategic ally towards a common struggle, and in their eyes, that still does not mention that she’s an enemy, but he’s staying in the first time, and he wants to lie to himself, and on this A basis, they started racing to save seats. First, in order to commit an unusual cooperative relations.
Even in the light of the deadly chaos travelled throughout the country, where they continued their killings and displacement, and destruction and destruction, to be shown their people torn and divided, and donated, in just to shoot themselves It has started, some of them the establishment of a public relations with her as a Jewish state) Free, grieve for her grief and yhnwn for her, and she shared in her celebrations and events, happy, and by its independence celebrations .
The others, by providing them in areas of their lives, including in the areas of settlement, ventilating and air conditioning, and was baptized and others, the declaration explicitly, that they’re riggs color cooperating with them in the areas of a d , especially the security and intelligence, as was official officials, their prayers to the need to heal the minds of the Arab-Jewish funds, to reach the world with a new view Lipstick and stability.
I find the reference here to what’s left on the Palestinian issue, is the desperate attempts too, regardless of what you can fork from her, and she’s on the need for efforts towards the shipping Too much public participation in the revival of the nakba, in an effort in establishing her and remind her, or those related to the question of the internationalization of the case, and returned to the United Nations, in the hope that the result of all. A new political.

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