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It is easy for you as a beginner in the Forex market to mislead your way or be confused or burdened by all the information that the Internet gives you about trading. The best you can do is to just slow down and learn how to trade properly from an expert. Hurry up.

The following five tips for trading in the Forex market are things that I wanted if someone told me at the beginning of my trading. Therefore, by taking this into account, I will tell you the top five tips that a beginner or other trader should take before starting trading:


Tip Number 1 – Cash Management


The first rule for every forex broker is to survive. Every trader has some losing exchanges, however when you become penniless you can set yourself in a place where you can never again have winning exchanges. In this manner, before everything else you need to ensure you remain in the amusement.


Numerous starting and/or reliably losing brokers concentrate solely on having a gainful exchanging technique. Be that as it may, despite the fact that a decent exchanging technique is certainly imperative, utilizing strong cash administration and having a reasonable, trained exchanging state of mind will get you advance toward the day’s end.


Two general guidelines for good cash administration in forex trading are not to hazard over 3% of your exchanging capital per exchange and ensuring you have enough exchanging capital for no less than 40 exchanges when you are a tenderfoot.


Tip Number 2 – Continuously utilize a stop misfortune


The stop misfortune is maybe the most intense weapon in your arms stockpile as a forex trader, similarly as the most effective weapon of the expert poker player is the crease (if that implies anything to you). The stop misfortune enables you to foreordain your hazard down to the pip, in this manner always utilize it!


There are extremely just points of interest to putting in a stop misfortune. It compels you to consider when the exchange you’re going to put on would be viewed as a disappointment. After you’ve opened the position you may talk yourself into remaining in an exchange turning sour, utilizing a wide range of nonsensical reasons. However, in the event that you’ve set a stop misfortune before opening the exchange (when you were all the while thinking judiciously) you’ll generally have that sparkling signal, advising you that you’d be a feeble, passionate simpleton in the event that you remained in the exchange after the stop misfortune is activated.


Setting a stop misfortune likewise constrains you to consider your productive exchanges/losing exchanges proportion. Assume you need to hazard 50 pips to win 100 pips, that would mean you’d require a triumphant exchange no less than 33% of an opportunity to make back the initial investment.


Tip Number 3 – Be reasonable


Unless you are incredibly fortunate you can’t hope to close 80% of your exchanges gainfully or transform a $500 exchanging capital into a $10,000 exchanging capital in a half year. With those sort of desires you’re just setting yourself up for dissatisfaction, disappointment and disappointment. (unless you’re, extremely fortunate).


Endeavor to take a gander at things reasonably ideal from the beginning. Decide an achievable level of winning exchanges thinking about your procedure and experience. Ask yourself how much time you can spend on exchanging and learning. When you have an unmistakable perspective of your exchanging apparatuses and conditions, you will think that it’s significantly less demanding to work towards a productive exchanging methodology.


Tip Number 4 – Cooperate with different traders


Perusing books about forex is imperative. Books can give you a strong premise in a brief span, giving an establishment to expand on.


Rehearsing is another critical factor to get the hang of things rapidly, yet you’d be shocked to discover how regularly kindred traders can give you profitable input about your exchanging procedure, or about elective courses for putting on a specific exchange. You should in this way turn out to be a piece of an online forex group and consider beginning an exchanging blog, so individuals can remark on your system.


Tip Number 5 – Keep your feelings under control


This last exchanging tip is maybe the most critical one. As beforehand stated, exchanging on the forex is energizing, fun and dynamic, however it’s vital not to escape along these lines. Fruitful dealers approach exchanging like a business, not a diversion.


You utilize your exchanging funding to settle on business choices; some will profit, others will cost cash, it’s that straightforward. In any case, when you dismiss your judiciousness I guarantee you that the misfortunes will stack up before long.





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Political commentator: Egypt should also celebrate the WW1 anniversary in Sinai. http://www.ahram-canada.com/136510/ http://www.ahram-canada.com/136510/#respond Sun, 22 Apr 2018 16:38:35 +0000 http://www.ahram-canada.com/?p=136510 In a statement this morning, the Australian-Egyptian journalist and political commentator, Ashraf Helmy, congratulated the Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El Sisi,
the Commander-in-Chief of the Egyptian Armed Forces, General Sedki Sobhy , the Minister of Defense, and the Egyptian people of all sects on
the occasion of Sinai Liberation Day. Sinai is currently witnessing a war against terror led by the extreme terrorist organisations (ISIS) which are supported by
some Arab countries. Several hundred have fallen from the army, police and hundreds of civilians.

Helmy called on President Mr. Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to hold a grand centenary celebration on the land of Sinai next November to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the
end of the First World War (WWI), which witnessed the city of Arish, one of the biggest battles, to commemorate the martyrdom of up to 12 million soldiers,
including half a million Egyptians.

President Sisi should take the opportunity this November, to announce, to the world, the end of the war on terror in Egypt and Sinai. The President should then
be free to focus on the eradication of sectarian attacks against Coptic Christians in other parts of Egypt. These attacks are undertaken by Islamist groups and are
supported by other Arab nations. The evils of sectarianism threatens to destroy the nation.

In the upcoming November anniversary, Helmy appealed to the President of the Republic to invite the kings and heads of state of the coalition that participated in WW1 to attend the ceremony,
especially the representative of Queen Elizabeth II, the Governor General of Australia , Mr. Peter Cosgrove and Mr. Malcolm Turnbull, Prime Minister of Australia.
These nations gave birth to its own martyrs in the land of Egypt.

In Australia, several cities have been named after Egyptian districts in memory of the WW1 battles. The Australian delegation should be invited to visit the Presidential palace which was originally a hotel transformed into a hospital by the Australian Medical Corps. The hospital treated the war-wounded from WW1.
Ashraf Helmey

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The Australian Coptic Movement Association LTD (ACM) strongly refutes recent statements made by the Minister for Emigration and Expatriate Affairs, her Excellency Nabila Makram. http://www.ahram-canada.com/126785/ http://www.ahram-canada.com/126785/#respond Sat, 16 Sep 2017 23:54:55 +0000 http://www.ahram-canada.com/?p=126785 Dismayingly, the Minister asserts that the reports of Coptic persecution are merely ‘rumours’. These remarks were reportedly made to Australian Parliamentarians during
her recent visit to Australia according to the prominent Al Masry Al Youm newspaper.
“We understand that Egypt is facing many challenges and indeed threats, however, to assert that the severe persecution of Coptic Christians is merely based on rumours
is simply outrageous in light of the great suffering of many Copts in Egypt and abroad”, said Peter Tadros, spokesperson for ACM.
Islamist terror is not the only threat to Egypt’s Copts. Coptic Christians have been subject to mob violence, massacres, restrictions on worship, attacks from security
forces and widespread discrimination.
Earlier this year, churches were attacked in the Palm Sunday twin bombings, one of which was an attempted assassination on the Coptic Orthodox Pope.
As recently as last month, small churches such as those in Minya were closed by authorities.
The Egyptian government bears responsibility for an environment where anti-Christian sentiment is rife. Coptic Christians have been murdered with impunity.
Coptic Christian women have been abducted and police are either unwilling or unable to investigate those matters. Copts routinely experience discrimination in almost
all sectors. The discrimination is institutional.
It is incumbent upon the Egyptian government to fulfil its responsibility of protecting its own nationals. We repeat that euphonious rhetoric must be accompanied by concrete action;
Egyptians are entitled to feel safe and secure in their homeland.
It is not acceptable that the Minister dismisses the persecution and discrimination in the name of ‘National Unity’.
We totally reject the Minister’s representation and we will continue to demand justice for all Copts who are victims of discrimination, persecution and terror.






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!Imprisoned Children and Youths Soccer Fans in Military Court in Egypt http://www.ahram-canada.com/126102/ http://www.ahram-canada.com/126102/#respond Tue, 05 Sep 2017 06:47:06 +0000 http://www.ahram-canada.com/?p=126102 HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATION IN EGYPT


Imprisoned Children and Youths Soccer Fans in Military Court in Egypt!


On July 9th, during the African Champions League competitions, the Egyptian team Zamalek was one of the competitors. The match was held at the Borg El Arab stadium in northern Egypt, which is owned by the Egyptian Armed Forces.

 When the Zamalek team exited/withdrew from the Cup tournament, many Zamalek fans responded with riots and insults against the president of the Zamalek club, who responded to the crowd with insults, took his shoes off, and waved defiantly towards the angry crowd. There were no deaths or injuries in the riots, but there were property damages estimated at Seven Hundred Fifty Thousand (LE 750,000) Egyptian pounds, or about Thirty Five Thousand US Dollars (US$35,000). Immediately following the game, a large number of youth were arrested randomly and transferred to Military Court for trials. Among the arrested youths are fifty (50) underage children.

 Egyptian police who arrested the game’s youth fans were not themselves the assigned security officers inside the stadium at the time of the riots and never witnessed the youths – – as the arrests were outside the stadium, not during the act. Therefore, there was no clear evidence against those who were arrested.

The evidence presented by legal representatives of the arrested youth confirms that those arrested had no criminal records, nor ever participated in riots. The arrested youths do not belong to political groups or any societies. They come from different cities, hence do not know each other and had nothing in common. The parents believe that the reason for the arrest of their relatives is because they are physically weak, they did not run fast because they did not know why they had to run from the Police, so they became easy targets for arrest by the Egyptian Police.

  After the arrest of six hundred (600) young people, three hundred forty four (344) of them were released. The basis for their release was because they were well connected to influential persons and they had the means; the other 236 youths remained in custody.  The major shock was in diverting those youths in custody to the Military Court for trials. Military Courts are known to be the most severe courts in Egypt. Diverting Soccer games supporters and cheerers to Military Courts for trials is not only a violation of human rights codes and charters but is also contrary to the rules of the International Federation of Football Associations and the Confederation of African Football. We implore the Egyptian Football Federation, which oversee the football games, to please take action regarding these illegal arrests.

Most of the youths in custody are university students. Their remaining in custody in prison will greatly damage their academic future. The youths in custody include sixty (60) people suffering from chronic diseases, including a developmentally handicapped young man named “Amro Mohammed Yehya Omar”. There were also fifty (50) children under the legal age with proper documents to support their identities and age. The fifty (50) children are also shockingly being tried before the Military Courts!!!!!.

This severe violation of human rights by the Egyptian justice system prompts all concerned civil libertarians, and human rights and children’s rights organizations throughout the world to intercede and take action. The families of the youths in custody offered to apologize and pay for costs of repairs of the stadium, despite their children’s’ innocence. The families of the underage prisoners have sent letters to all concerned parties, including the Egyptian Minister of Defense, and the President of Egypt. Many Egyptian media venues, Television Networks, and well- known Journalists sympathized with the youth in custody and their families because there is no response or action from any Egyptian official.

As the parents of the youths and children in custody are losing hope in finding a just and fair solution to this severe injustice because the Egyptian government continues its lack of response regarding this extreme violation of basic human rights including insisting on the trial of young people before Military Courts, the families are now raising their voices to the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), public opinion, social media, and the governments/Parliaments of the free World. We urge them, and the international organizations including the United Nations and human rights organizations and all organizations concerned with the protection and rights of children, to take strong action, and make considerable efforts – – now – – to call on the government of Egypt and demand the release of these imprisoned children who are now suffering inside military prisons. For more information you may communicate with us via






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! Coptic Activist Medhat Kelada:Doch nicht in Isrrael http://www.ahram-canada.com/119886/ http://www.ahram-canada.com/119886/#respond Fri, 28 Apr 2017 19:57:39 +0000 http://www.ahram-canada.com/?p=119886 Unsere Länder im Nahost verfluchen wir den Terrorismus, den wir selber produzieren, verdammen den Rassismus, obwohl wir ihn tüchtig praktizieren, verurteilen den Barbarismus und leben danach, distanzieren uns von der Diktatur und schaffen sie und verachten den Faschismus, während wir gern darin eintauchen!
Israel, ist ein Land unter Nachbarn, die es Tag und Nacht verfluchen. Das tun sie in ihren politischen Reden und aus den Kanzeln von Moscheen. In ihren TV-Talkshows verdammen sie den israelischen Rassismus und ständig beschimpfen Israel mit Faschismus und Terrorismus.
Natürlich würde man wohl meinen, wir wären eine Gesellschaft aus Engeln, die in der Stadt namens Utopia lebt und höhere Prinzipien der Brüderlichkeit und Treue unseren Brüdern gegenüber, ja sogar Andersdenkenden gegenüber befolg. Und, um das Bild perfekt zu Malen, beherbergt die Welt um uns herum lauter Schurken, Heuchler und Duckmäuser. Dieses Bild ist der reine Beweis dafür, wie hoffnungslos die Nahostregion wirklich ist!
Eins ist klar, eine richtige Diagnose ist wichtiger als das Medikament und der erste Schritt auf dem Weg der Heilung.
Eine bittere Ironie wird aber bei einer wahrheitstreuen Darstellung der Lage bald die Paradoxie der Fakten zeigen. Die ekelhaftesten Ereignisse finden in Ländern statt, die die Ehre für sich verpachtet haben wollen. Gerade diese Länder wollen sich als Vorbild der Tugenden auszeichnen und sprechen über Grossmut als ihr Schicksal.
Vergeblich wird man nach einem Israeli suchen, der Menschen im Namen Gottes wie Vieh schlachtet und dabei «Gott ist gross» ausruft. Unvorstellbar ist auch ein Israeli, der sich in die Luft jagt, um sich durch die hübschen und verführerischen Jungfrauen im Paradies verwöhnen zu lassen.
Keiner hörte von einem Israeli Richter, der fünf Minderjährige zu fünfjährigen Haft verurteilte, weil sie in einer 27-Sekunden-Aufnahme die Rolle der Terroristen spielend darstellten.
In Israel kann keiner die Entführung und Vergewaltigung von palästinensischen minderjährigen Mädchen unterstützen und verheimlichen.
Dort gibt es keine religiöse Instanz, die wider das Gesetz handelt und Zwangskonvertierungen von Minderjährigen Musliminnen verordnet.
Man sieht in Israel keinen Richter, der die Religion des Opfers als Begründung dafür, den Täter freizulassen.
Kein Israeli Präsident prahlte über Gerechtigkeit und Gleichheit während seine Taten Hass und Verfolgung bewirkten.
Israel ist kein Staat der gegenüber Zerstörung und Plünderung der Häuser von Palästinensern beide Augen zudrückt, weil die Opfer keine Juden sind.
Israel vergeltet Andersdenkern nicht mit Terror und Diskriminierung.
In Israel gibt es weder Ideologie-infiltrierte Justiz, fanatische Sicherheitsapparate noch religiöse Hasspredigern.
Israel toleriert keinen, der dich fünfmal täglich verflucht oder solche, die Frauen die einer anderen Religion angehören vergewaltigt.
Israel propagiert nicht für Hassverbreitung im Namen der Religion.
Kein Israeli Politiker redet über Liebe, während seine Taten für Hass Tür und Tor öffnet. Kein Israeli lobpreist Werte wie Gerechtigkeit, Gleichheit und das gute Zusammenleben tagsüber und in der Nacht diskriminiert und tötet er einige seiner Landesbürger.
Israel spricht nicht so viel über Ehre, Gerechtigkeit und Gleichheit.
In unseren grossartigen islamischen Ländern hingegen haben wir es nicht satt, über Ehre, Treue, Grossmut und Liebe zu sprechen.
Lasset uns doch Klartext reden, wir reden gern darüber oft und laut, was uns am meisten fehlt! ]]>
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Legend challenge story of changing his body and life for better http://www.ahram-canada.com/119035/ http://www.ahram-canada.com/119035/#respond Fri, 14 Apr 2017 12:09:21 +0000 http://www.ahram-canada.com/?p=119035 My name is Tamer Magdi Nickname” Tamer Gym” I’m from Shubra Cairo Egypt. I have traveled to Nashville TN 4 years ago. I was searching for any job like any person in a foreign country and I found then after sometime I moved on to another job at YMCA. During that time I was very fat which made me feel that I need to change my lifestyle for better to live healthy life! I took a serious step and started to work out daily with optimal diet until I lost 100 Lbs. My weight was 250 Lbs. but after contest prep became 150 Lbs. Most of my time I was spending at my work and workout routine. My rest time was 6 hours only included sleep time because I had to have work and get money to spend on my 5-members family. After that I entered a new phase of my life which is participating in some Natural Bodybuilding competitions and I got great awards like Trophies, Medals, Cup and Best Poser Title in very short time within a year 2016. One of most things I consider it as a great achievement is that the world website bodybuilding.com has published my story! And now I intend moving to professional competitions phase! What I wanted to prove is that whatever your state or your body shape, by willpower you can do the impossible. You can be a champion in very short time just if you want.


17857649_803014996531447_990856959_n17820801_803014899864790_1631527514_n (1)







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Oweida thanks the Canadian Middle Eastern Communities http://www.ahram-canada.com/113345/ http://www.ahram-canada.com/113345/#respond Fri, 16 Dec 2016 22:41:08 +0000 http://www.ahram-canada.com/?p=113345 Medhat Oweida, the executive manager of Al- Ahram Elgdeed newspaper, chief editor of the Ahram Canada website, and member of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario, expressed his gratitude in a message to the Canadian Middle Eastern communities. The message is:
“First and foremost I thank my family; my wife and children who endured a tough 6 week campaign with me.
To say thank you would not do the gratitude I feel towards the members of the Canadian Middle Eastern communities justice. I am proud to have had their support during the campaign, and to be counted as a member among these great communities. We might have lost the election, but we emerged stronger and more unified.
Oweida added “I thank every single participant of the campaign: those who volunteered from day one, those who volunteered on the nomination day, those who filled out membership forms, and especially everyone who travelled from neighbouring cities to help. A special, heartfelt thank you to any and everyone who voted for me.
Oweida expressed his gratitude to the communities for their immense support and help to make this campaign complete and effective, and gave a special mention to everyone who supported the campaign online through various social media outlets.
“Though we lost the elections, on the campaign trail we experienced great learning moments to carry with us in the future, and emerged with a cohesive team with full knowledge of the inner workings of election campaigns” added Oweida.
“I presented myself to the party for election relying only on my own credentials and history of dedication to the service of the community, and I was honoured by their approval”
This was Oweida’s first time in the elections, he points out that it isn’t unusual for politicians to lose their first elections, and that the real loss is to lose hope and give up. “[Giving up] isn’t an option for me as I grew up in a political family”, he said.
As for his support to the Ontario PC Party in the 2018 elections, Oweida says “in the previous elections I was not a nominated member yet I held a fundraiser dinner where thirty-five thousand dollars was raised for the party. I support and will continue to support the party wholeheartedly because Oantario PC Party reflects my own principles and values”. When asked, Oweida stated that he has not yet decided which riding he will help in next.
To sum up, Oweida wished the party and Patrick Brown – the party leader – every success in the coming elections, hoping they would win it and right the wrongs left in the wake of the Liberal Party.

555 666

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Qatari princess having sex with seven men http://www.ahram-canada.com/108045/ http://www.ahram-canada.com/108045/#respond Sat, 27 Aug 2016 21:48:45 +0000 http://www.ahram-canada.com/?p=108045 The British newspaper “Financial Times” revealed a heavy-caliber scandal when the British security services had broken into a London apartment only to  find the Qatari princess having collective sex.

According to the newspaper, the British police was surprised when tracing a suspect into an apartment which is owned by the Qatari princess to find her having sex with three Europeans men inside the room, while four others, including the suspect waiting in line in the hallway.

The suspect during investigation admitted that the Qatari princess, called Sheikha Salwa, a daughter of former Prime Minister Hamad bin Jassim bin Jabor Al Thani, had agreed with him through an intermediary to bring in men of special physical qualities who have experience in specific ways of collective sex in exchange of a lot of money. The Qatari princess asked him this time to bring six men at once, and asked him to stay in the apartment hall until they leave for fear of violence by anyone of them, as had happened in previous visits.

The princess in answering security personnel questions sad it is not prostitution for money, but she is paying the money to the men, and as far as she knows this is not in violation of the British law. But police told her it is against the law to use a man who has a criminal record or men for prostitution. Unlike other laws,  British law  men prostitution outside the law is punishable And that she sought sexual services outside the British law.

An office 6 insider told the Financial Times, the story of the incident and that the case will not devolve into something as the princess hold a diplomatic passport.  the British police notified the Qatari embassy of the subject, but the latter did not care about anything other than preventing publication of the scandal . “Financial Times seeking further details on the implications of the case, although the Qatari embassy tried to prevent the scandal from seeing the light of day by offering $50 million to the paper,  but the newspaper rejected the offer, and has published the facts of the case along with photos withdrawn from the princess’ “iPad”

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Call to all COPTS around the world to save the first Coptic church outside Egypt from demolition. http://www.ahram-canada.com/107241/ http://www.ahram-canada.com/107241/#respond Fri, 12 Aug 2016 11:35:51 +0000 http://www.ahram-canada.com/?p=107241 ahram-canada
Australian Coptic Heritage & Community Services ( ACHSC ) this morning is called all Christians around the world and the congregation of the Coptic Orthodox churches generally and all associations and Coptic organisations to send their objections about the planned demolition of St Mary and St Mina Coptic Orthodox church Sydnham NSW Australia. The first Coptic church that was purchased by the Coptic patriarchate outside of Egypt.
They raised their voices to have it registered on the NSW heritage register like other buildings that were built after it.
We ask all government officials including Premier Mr Mike Baird, Mr Mark speakman and Mr Richard Pearson to protect and preserve the history and memory of the nations including the Methodist church and the Coptic church.
The commonwealth government paid compensate to the Coptic church for moving from the location at sydenham and the other properties that the church owned in 2001. This happened because of the noise caused by the the aeroplanes flying very close to the building. The council demolished all the surounding houses and made it a park area all around the church. And to date the heavenly work has protected the church from demolition until now.
But because of the devilish and evil interference there has been a battle going on against keeping the church and has been working towards its demolition and destruction of all the historic memories, including the diocese of Melbourne under the leadership of His grace Bishop Suriel and the diocese of Sydney under the leadership of Bishop Daniel as well as mononastries under the leadership of Bishop Anb Daniel have been established from this blessed church.
If the devil is fighting with his full power towards the demolition of this church it is each persons responsibility to put all efforts into saving this church from being demolished. This can be done by writing to the officials responsible on the email addresses supplied below:
richard.pearson@marrickville.nsw.gov.au )
>Dear Sir,
There is a rare and historical site in Sydenham which is headed for demolition. It’s a site that affects everyone in our community: A previous War Memorial site, previous Methodist Church and previously the first Coptic Orthodox Church outside of the Nile (in the world).
The Heritage Council of NSW has deemed that such a site is not worthy to be listed on the Heritage List! Yet there are other Heritage sites protected with far less Australian historical impact. How can the Australian community allow a War Memorial site to be demolished and forgotten? Every year on ANZAC day we say “Lest We Forget,” yet the Heritage Council want to forget about this site and remove all traces of it?
It’s a rare site, rich with history and culture. The building on the site was also used as a Methodist Church in the 1900’s, then later it became the first Coptic Orthodox Church to be established outside of the mother land, Egypt. This is a world-first event which Australia is lucky to have, yet people want to demolish such a gem, and not protect it.
Please fight to preserve this site for many generations to come.
Yours Sincerely
Letters objecting to he demolition need to be sent by 20 August 2016.
To put on record for the sake of Coptic history in Australia and Egypt that St Mary and St Mina Church Sydenham established under the rein of St Pope Kerelos VI, nurtured by the late His Holiness Pope Shenouda III and demolished in the rein of Pope Tawadros II

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Coptic Activist Medhat Kelada: Egyptians Accuse Israel Of Racism While Their Own Country Is Rife With It http://www.ahram-canada.com/105196/ http://www.ahram-canada.com/105196/#respond Tue, 28 Jun 2016 22:47:24 +0000 http://www.ahram-canada.com/?p=105196 , the liberal website Elaph posted an article titled “Racism on Egyptian Soil.” The article, by Medhat Kelada, a Coptic Egyptian human rights and minority rights activist and head of the European Coptic Organizations Union, accuses Egyptian society of employing a double standard when it comes to racism. Kelada writes that Egyptians accuse Israel of being racist towards the Palestinians and of oppressing them, while Egypt itself is rife with racism, oppression and religious extremism. Noting that Egypt’s revolutions sought to bring justice, freedom and equality in Egypt, but actually failed to do so, he states that Egypt’s institutions, and especially the religious establishment, need to be “revolutionized”. He calls to create a “new religion” in Egypt that can “produce people with values of love, loyalty and devotion to the homeland and to others.”


The following are excerpts from the article:[1 

Medhat Kelada (image: copts-united.com) “In our wretched region, we are not amazed to see a thief standing and preaching morality to people, or prostitutes preaching morality to virtuous women. Nor are we amazed to see a senior official cursing Israel for its racism against the Palestinians. We [Arab] peoples believe that we are the best in the world, that we possess the [best] moral values, religion and culture, and that we have a monopoly on the truth. We live in complete denial of the bleak reality and the even bleaker future.


“In our religious universities, students are [metaphorically] taught to eat human flesh, [yet] our clerics strive to outdo one another in giving speeches that announce to the world that these universities have never produced a single terrorist!… Our glorious nation is the perfect embodiment of the religious schizophrenia that typifies our entire region: everyone speaks of morality but does not implement it, speaks of nationality but does not understand it, speaks of honesty but does not know what it is, and speaks of manliness but does not actually live by this [principle]. We curse Israel’s racism towards the Palestinians, while we [Egyptians] behave in a worse and more disgraceful [manner].”


Hinting at several incidents that happened in Egypt, Kelada writes: “Have you heard [of any incident in which] 300 Israelis stood around crying ‘Allah Akbar’ while ripping the clothes off an elderly woman? Have you heard of Israel persecuting Palestinians and deporting them for ‘liking’ something on Facebook? Have you heard of [Israel] arresting four five-year-old children for making fun of ISIS? Have you heard of any Israeli torching 85 churches in two days? Have you heard of Israeli schoolchildren gathering to protest the appointment of a Palestinian principal at their school? Have you heard of any case in which the Israeli government was forced to fire the head of a local authority who had just been appointed, [just because] he was Muslim?… And there are dozens of [other] living examples of flagrant racism in Egypt’s history…


“Our people and regime suffer from a disease of hatred and lack of achievement. Hundreds of thousands [of students] imbibe this hatred at religious schools that are closed to [non-Muslims]. Every year these schools produce hundreds of thousands of half-humans who do not recognize that other people exist or that [these people] have a homeland. They live inside a single [monolithic] culture and teach millions of others [the meaning of] real racism…


“There is a direct correlation between the disease and the treatment: the more severe the disease, the more radical the treatment. [The diseased of] the Egyptian institutions [is severe enough] to warrant a revolution. [They must be] subjected to harsh and brutal criticism that might defeat the religious narcissists who mistakenly think they are the best – [when the fact is that they are] bankrupt in terms of their human, moral and national values.


“[The Egyptian] people staged two revolutions against oppression and corruption under the slogan “justice, freedom and equality” – but we have no justice, no freedom and no equality. Instead, we have injustice, racism, prisons and security apparatuses that are experts at faking charges against [regime] opponents.


“We need an internal revolution. We need nuclear bombs that can breach the walls of religious narcissism… We need self-flagellation. We need a revolution in order to end the double standard and oppression and punish those responsible [for the situation], dismiss them [from their posts] and firmly hold them to account, if necessary. We need to eradicate the obsolete thinking that has guided Egypt since 1952, which holds that ‘the cronies [of the ruler] supersede the experts,’ regardless of their mistakes, failures and ignorance, and often regardless of their racism…



we need a new religion that can produce people with values of love, loyalty and devotion to the homeland and to others. In order to prove we are better than Israel, we do not need preachers but rather citizens who love their country. [But] I wonder: will we ever see that day?!”

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